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Value Creation Group developed proprietary technologies, SDC™, COC™, WRHP™ and CSIR™. These technologies address the root causes of the major obstacles inhibiting the growth of the oil sands industry – the high capital and operating costs, the relatively high carbon-footprint and “Dirty Oil Image”, the pipeline bottleneck, and the limited refining market.

Significant synergies are achieved when integrating the SDC™ and COC™ technologies with thermal in-situ bitumen production such as SAGD and CSIR. Since SDC™ can process the hot bitumen emulsion directly from the well head, the costly processes of water-bitumen separation, oily water de-oiling and oil treating are eliminated. The product has a low viscosity, and thus does not require diluent for pipeline transportation. It is clean in the sense that it incurs low GHG emissions and has low contaminants. It is a premium medium crude that can be readily processed in the majority of the existing refineries globally. The product is thus brand-named High Performance Clean Oil Blends (HPCO).


VCI technologies open up a much wider spectrum of refining markets not currently accessible by bitumen blend. Most of the world’s refineries were designed for conventional crude oils and only a limited number of refineries can process the oil sands bitumen. By transforming the bitumen into de-contaminated oil (DCO), the ADC™ opens up the medium and conventional heavy crude refineries that are inaccessible by bitumen. COC™ produces HPCO, a premium medium crude that can be readily processed in conventional medium crude refineries which constitute the majority of large refineries in the world. Through opening up to more local refineries, and elimination of the need for diluent, VCI technologies ease the pipeline bottleneck which is another major obstacle to the growth of oil sands industry.

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