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COC™ (Clean Oil Cracking) is an innovative thermal cracking process, and is the lowest-cost conversion process capable of cracking the residues of heavy oil or bitumen at high conversions. COC™ utilizes heat to break down large molecules into smaller ones, thereby converting the heavy oils or residues into light oil products. It is based on conventional thermal cracking hardware and thus has no scale up uncertainty. The key to the high conversion of COC™ is the prior removal of asphaltenes in the feed and removal of the coke precursors produced in the thermal cracking reactions. This overcomes the product instability limit and produces a clean oil product. It does not require catalysts or hydrogen, nor does it produce a coke byproduct. It has a low cost intensity similar to that of the conventional thermal cracking, but has a conversion more than twice as high.

The best performance of COC™ is achieved when it is integrated with VCI’s ADC™ process, as ADC™ ensures the efficient removal of asphaltenes and coke precursors.

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