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VCI Executive Summary - Differentiated Decarbonization → Clean Energy Corridor

VISION :      Transform Oil Industry → Clean Energy - with [ Economic, Environmental ] Excellence


The ENABLER is VCI proprietary Selective Decarbonization technology [ SDCTM], which very selectively 
removes colloidal carbonaceous micro-solids ( that plague resid-conversion processes ), 
transforming the Full Value Chain of Oil Sands Development. 
SDC converts Bitumen to Decarbonized Oil [ DCO
TM ], with
Cleaned Resid of High Crackability and Product Yields 
  -  perfect Synergistic Match with Synthetic Crudes [ SCO ] or Shale Oil [ SO ] with
no/low resid, producing
High Performance Clean Oil blends [ HPCOTM ] blends  … out-performing Conventional Crudes,
with BIC+ Economics and Environmental Performance



The segregated C-solid is effectively Cleanest Sourcing Coal [ CS-Coal TM], produced without mining footprint, with

higher calorific value and lower ash than coal. With SDC, HPCO is the Prime Profit Driver,
and CS-Coal can be viewed as “Zero Cost“ by-product, revolutionizing [ CS-Coal -> Power ] economics,
     → With [ CCS ], profitable Net-Zero Power [ NZPTM ] can be achieved.
     [ HPCO + NZP ] → [ Twin Green Profit Engines ] propelling [ Oil - Power ] Industries → Clean Energy.
[ CCS ] is a COST, to secure Oil Sands Survival. VCI offers PROFITABLE Decarbonization → Clean Energy Transition.

SCO ( 1.3 + M bpd ) and SO ( 9 + M bpd ) are plentiful.  Merchant SDC [ M-SDC ] → DCO  is  Critical Path.
                      MISSION:    VCI focuses on the ENABLER:  [ M-SDC ] and
HPCO blending, creating 
                                 → Clean Energy Corridor:  Alberta  → N. America ( → Global )

Prudent Launch → Centre of Excellence [ CoE ]  ... Anchor Hub for Clean Energy Corridor

To ensure success of such mega venture, SDC must be first commercially affirmed, without cost-intensive

upstream. This will be achieved by VCI’s first M-SDC  ( for Dilbit ) at  Industrial Heartland [ VCS-H ]
… first project expected to be operational in ~ 18 months from FID.
( With its salt cavern potential and SDC, VCS-H can provide “ No Risk Harvest“ from Dilbit Differential Volatility. )
Heartland is Pivotal Hub with access to Dilbit from all Oil Sands Regions, and SCO from all Alberta Upgraders, with upgraders / refineries / [ CCS ] ( existing & planning ) in vicinity, and access to logistics
to most markets in N. America.
      VCS-H  can be quickly transformed into
Centre of Excellence 


             -  with M-SDC for Dilbit from all Oil Sands regions    

             -  Centre for HPCO blending, customized for different Refining segments 
             -  as Anchor Hub →
broad entry to N. American Clean Energy [ HPCO and NZP ] Markets
             -  transforming local Upgraders to achieve dominant [ Economic / Environmental ]   
                Competitiveness, and 
             -  as launch site for Profitable [
NZP ], leveraging on [ Zero Cost CS-Coal, CCS and 
                power infrastructure ]

DCO Control → broad entry of NA Clean Energy Market

Critical Path to master [ HPCO and NZP ] is: Control of DCO ( and CS-Coal ) production 
… with logistically effective access to SCO and SO.
This can be achieved with mega M-SDC complex(es) in the [ SAGD / In-situ Corridor] along Alberta East, 
at Cold Lake or Christina Lake and /or Cheecham. 
Best economics is achieved with SDC processing SAGD Emulsion directly… eliminating emulsion treatment. 
Cold Lake is the Injection Site for Industry [ CCS ], with access to the BIC producers with vast resources, 
offering advantages for → anchoring  large scale
[ NZP ], besides vast production of DCO [→ HPCO ]
Christina Lake has many BIC SAGD producers, with access to [ CCS] Corridor.
Cheecham has vast access to Dilbit.
With Alliance of Synthetic Crude  and Shale Oil Producer(s), 
  - SCO can be used for HPCO blending for N-Tier NA ( inland and PNW ) Markets, while 
  - SO can be used to blend with DCO ( with little diluent ) for S-Tier / Coastal US Markets … and
enabling          →
Broad Entry to NA Clean Energy Markets,
                         with Dominant [ Economic , Environmental & Logistics ] Competitiveness!


Developer of Choice for Oil Sands Mining

For Oil Sands Mining, the segregated C-solids enables the safest and cheapest solid C-Sequestration.
For new Mining projects, SDC can be modified to process
Froth directly ( … with design re-optimization ),
… with potential to
eliminate new Tailing Pond and Upgrading, while producing High Value HPCO, achieving 
unmatched [ Economic and Environmental ] performance for Oil Sands Mining Development.
( VCI has applied for Government Funding for a Pilot of SDC- Froth … to optimize design / operability. )
If the  Merchant-SDC is located near Fort McMurray, it could serve both Mining projects and the 
vast SAGD production / projects in Athabasca NE / ( NW) … producing High Value Crudes, with no need for new capital-intensive upgrader.
< DCO could be used to debottleneck ( Alliance ) Upgraders, if and when desired.> 

If new projects ( with SDC ) are integrated with NZP, Net-Zero Resource Development could be achieved.

Sustainable Profitable Growth - Emerging Economies

SDC applies equally well ( or better ) with Extra- Heavy Oils ( plentiful globally and heavily discounted ). 

VCI is exploring Alliance with major SOEs / NOCs and  Super-majors  for 
        [ Refining – Power ] Transition to Clean Energy, in Top Emerging Economies, to ensure 
  → Sustained Profitable Growth, beyond ( possible C-Cap in Canada ) and Peak Oil in the West.

VCI proprietary Technology / unique synergy creation / strategic game plan , together with Strong Alliances
     → Deep Moat for Sustainable Profitable Growth, with Last-Main-Standing Competitiveness.


Together, Alliance will Actualize
→   [ Oil, Power ] Transition to Clean Energy, with [ Economic, Environmental ] Excellence! 

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