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Breakthrough Innovative Technologies to

Transform Oil Sands to Clean Oil


we control our destiny


Value Creation Inc.
Heartland Complex Regulatory Application


Value Creation Inc. ("VCI") strives to Catalyse Profitable Transition of Oil Sands Industry to [ C – Neutral Clean Oils ],
paving the way for eventual [ Net-Zero Clean Power ].

Value Chain Solutions Inc. ( “ VCS “  ), our wholly owned subsidiary, will play a pivotal role, providing “ commercial business models ” for each stage of the transition … to be later implemented at resource regions.

With the new strategy, VCI will withdraw its current Expansion Application and the corresponding IAP, with the intention to submit an application for a large Merchant SDC Complex ( with low emissions ) upon commercial operation of SDC-1

As Stage 2 of our development, VCI plans to submit an application for Salt Cavern development of 477,000 m3 ( about 3 million barrels ), with integrated operation with SDC.


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