COC™ Technology

COC™ (Clean Oil Cracking) is a proprietary technology developed by VCI, and will be the lowest-cost process capable of cracking the residues of heavy oil or bitumen at high conversions.

COC™ is a thermal cracking process in which heat is applied to break up large molecules into smaller ones, thereby converting the heavy oils or residues into light oil products. It has a proprietary process design but uses conventional thermal cracking equipment, and therefore there is little scale up uncertainty. The key to COC™’s high conversion is the prior removal of asphaltenes and contaminants in the feed, and removal of the coke precursors from the cracking product, thereby overcoming the product instability and heater coil coking limits. This is made possible by integrating with VCI’s proprietary ADC™ process. COC™ does not require catalysts or hydrogen, nor does it produce a coke byproduct. It has a low cost intensity similar to that of the conventional thermal cracking, but has a conversion several times higher.

Integration of VCI’s ADC™ and COC™ technologies provides the lowest-cost solution to oil sands development as it decarbonizes and upgrades bitumen, broadens the refining markets, eliminates the need for costly diluent, debottlenecks pipeline transportation, and significantly reduces GHG emissions. The product is clean and has unique characteristics, which in turn makes it possible to refine it in a very simple and cost effective refining configuration, as exemplified in VCI’s CORe-H Project.