VCI’s Accelerated DeContamination™ (ADC™) is a proprietary physical separation process. It applies colloidal physics to remove asphaltenes directly from well head emulsion, along with water and other contaminants, to produce a cleaned oil product called DCO.

Value Creation Inc.’s key innovation in the ADC™ process was the identification of the basic colloidal physics and the operating environment that could lead to the rapid and very selective separation of asphaltenes from heavy residue fractions in bitumen streams. The science is complex; however, the ADC™ process utilizes relatively simple hardware facilities under moderate pressures and temperatures.

The distinct feature of ADC™ process compared to some solvent de-asphalting processes, is its capability of taking the well head emulsion directly as feed without prior removal of the water from the emulsion. This not only saves cost by eliminating the middle steps, the presence of emulsified water droplets also helps the efficiency of asphaltene removal and improve the product oil yield.

Asphaltenes are the heaviest components in the bitumen. It is also the most carbonaceous. By removing asphaltenes upfront, it decarbonizes the bitumen, and therefore greatly reduces green house gas emissions. In conventional oil sands development, this high carbon-content material will go with the bitumen, make the bitumen hard to flow, take up pipeline space, consume heat and cause troubles in a refinery such as fouling or catalyst poisoning, and after all that, still end up as a high carbon-content material called petroleum coke.

The decontaminated crude oil (DCO) product stream is clean, and has much lower difficult sulphur, nitrogen, Con-Carbon and metals than the feed bitumen. These characteristics offer distinctive benefits to certain residue conversion processes in the refineries.

ADC™ is part of VCI’s full value chain technologies. By removing asphaltenes and cleaning up the bitumen, ADC also enables a simple thermal cracking process called Clean Oil Cracking™ (COC™) that can achieve far higher conversion. Together, they will eliminate the need for diluent, and upgrade bitumen into a medium crude product that fits most of the existing refinery. We branded this upgraded product Clean Oil La-Fit, or COLF.