Dr. Columba Yeung

  • Founded VCI with Vision: “Sustainable Development of Oil sands (and extra-heavy-oils) to Produce Premium Crudes Customized for Broad Spectrum of Global Refining Industry, at the Lowest All-In-Costs and Enhanced Environmental Performance”.

  • Relevant experience includes transformation of 2 project prospects to Flagships of Shell Canada:

    • Unique Refinery synergistically designed to process Synthetic Crudes; for well over 2 decades, Scotford Refinery has remained the best performer in its class, in America (by Solomon).

    • Novel technology innovations transformed the economics of First Shell (Albian) OilSands Mining – Upgrading project, with unique synergies with Scotford Refinery.

  • Development of the China strategy for Royal Dutch Shell, and led business development of the eventual CNOOC-Shell Mega Petro-Chemical Complex at Huizhou, Guangdong

  • PhD Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada; numerous scholarships, fellowships and awards


Dr. Ian Chan

  • Over 12 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, six of which were with Shell Canada, where he was responsible for refining technology research and development.

  • Extensive high level social-political networks in China / Hong Kong; Chair or Vice-Chair of Chambers of Commerce

  • PhD Chemical Engineering; Princeton University


Bovornrat Darakananda

  • Over 27 years experience in the energy industry

  • Served as director or senior officer in various affiliated companies of Saha-Union Public Co (Thailand)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Management Engineering and Master’s Degree in Electrical and Management Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


R. Scott Jolliffe

  • Chair and CEO for Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP, one of Canada’s pre-eminent law firms operating in Canada, London (UK), Moscow and Beijing, with overall responsibility for the strategic growth and direction of the firm

  • Continues to maintain a legal practice in intellectual property (including technology transfer, licensing, commercial management), and is widely recognized as one of Canada’s top trial and appellate court lawyers in this area

  • Is a Certified Mediator and member of INTA Panel of Neutrals and International Mediation Institute; is a Cerified Specialist in Civil Litigation and Intellectual Property (LSCU) and a fellow of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada

  • Graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering (University of Toronto); completing his LLB in 1978 (Queens University and Osgoode Hall)

Dr. John Lacey

  • Is founder and President of John R. Lacey International Ltd., an oil and gas consulting company formed in 1970, and has very extensive experience in the international oil and gas industry with both government and major private sector clients, with an emphasis on Australasia, Russia, the CIS and Europe.

  • He has extensive experience in many sectors associated with oil and gas exploration, production, transportation and marketing.

  • He is a member of the Alberta Securities Commission Petroleum Advisory Committee.

  • He is the Honourary Consul-General for the Kingdom of Thailand and has been elected to the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences​

Julio Leung

  • Over 40 years of business experience spanning public accounting, consulting, international banking, capital markets deals, electronic manufacturing, IT/ software services, and bio-science products

  • Direct responsibilities include board memberships, CFO, COO, profit center leadership, and executive advisory committee

  • Geographical responsibilities in U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and ASEAN

  • MBA from Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania; CPA certification in New York State



Dr. Liming Liu - Vice President, COLF-Technology

  • Over 20 years of experience in fundamental and industrial technology research & development

  • Team Leader in the development of ADC™ and COC™ technologies

  • Lead member in design team

  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of Alberta


David Searl - Sr VP, Commercial

  • Over 30 years of broad based commercial experience in the energy industry

  • Business development in oil sands, offshore, Northern Territories and Western Canada conventional

  • Previously held senior commercial management roles with ExxonMobil Canada and North American Oil Sands / Statoil Hydro Canada

Kathy Pawluk - Director of Legal, Government and Regulatory Affairs

  • Over 25 years experience in law, leadership, education and stakeholder relations

  • Previously held positions include Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor Government Relations (Shell), Corporate Counsel Secretary (Geophysical Service Inc, International shipping seismic), Chief Privacy Officer Audit Director (University of Phoenix), various corporate counsel consulting positions

  • Post secondary educator in business law and local-national-international conference presenter

  • Other roles have included Board Director of: Chamber of Commerce (6 years), Calgary Women in Energy, and Servants Anonymous Society, and Member of: Canadian Bar Association, Law Society, Petroleum Joint Venture Association; Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

  • LL.B (University of Alberta-2003), Masters in Law (Osgoode-North York 2003) and International Oil and Gas Law Certification (Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation 2011)

Dr. Swapan Das, P.Eng.  VP – Resource Development, Productivity Management

  • Over 30 years of experience in the oil patch, in the area of reservoir and production engineering, new technology development, pilot plant design and implementation and commercial operations. Expertise includes process optimization, surface-subsurface synergy, secondary and tertiary recovery, CO2 EOR, CO2 capture and sequestration, etc.

  • Dr. Das is a pioneer in the area of solvent recovery of viscous oil and holds three Canadian patents on thermal solvent recovery processes. He has operated and managed several thermal and solvent pilot projects, has been involved in design, development and operations of multiple SAGD and thermal recovery projects around the world with Suncor Energy Inc., ConocoPhillips and Marathon Oil Co.

  • He received B.Sc. Chemistry and B.Tech. Chem. Eng. from the Calcutta University, M.Tech. Chem. Eng. from IIT Kanpur, India and Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary.

  • Dr. Das has served as technical committee member for the International CO2 capture project, World Heavy Oil Congress and SPE Heavy oil conferences. He is a reviewer for SPEJ, JCPT, FUEL and JPSE.

Kevin Wang Group Leader - Geosciences

  • Over 30 years of industrial experience on conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration and development in China, Kazakhstan and Canada. Including 12 years of working experience on oilsands exploration and development in Athabasca region

  • Previously hold positions, include Director of Geology Department, Head Geologist/Team Leader, Chief Geologist, Senior Staff Geologist with CNPC, CNODC, Sunshine Oilsands

  • Generated and executed over 1,000 wells for conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration and development purposes, including 300+ wells for oilsands exploration and delineation

  • Extensive experience on onsite-geological supervision, geological evaluation and operation, project management and execution through the conception and completion of the project development

  • Broad exposure to planning and execution of various field and lab test programs of geology evaluation, geomechanic studies and hydrogeology investigations