TriStar Amended Pilot, Demonstration of Excellence (DOEx) Project

The DOEx Project is located approximately 4 km east of Highway 63 and 10 km south-southeast of Fort McMurray, in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB).

The Project is designed to affirm the performance of critical aspects of VCI’s unique synergistic integration of its proprietary Condensable-Steam In Situ Recovery process ( CSIRTM) and its proprietary bitumen transformation technologies to produce Premium Medium Crudes (“COLF” (Clean Oil La-Fit) brand), best fitting majority refineries globally. In particular, the Project enables the processing of own SAGD bitumen emulsion directly (unique in industry) ,as well as processing DilBit, bitumen-water emulsion or bitumen-froth from other producers, in its unique Bitumen Transformation processes, to produce Premium Medium Crudes (“COLF”).

The Project will have a design capacity of 6000 bpsd of bitumen recovery from our own resources using the CSIR technology and importing and additional 6000 bpsd of bitumen equivalent from other bitumen producers to be processed and customized on site using the proprietary ADCTM technology to remove the heavier asphaltenes and producing a Decontaminated Oil (DCOTM) product. The DCOTM can further be processed in a COCTM unit to produce COLF™.

The Project is designed to demonstrate the excellent economic and environmental performance in synergistic application of VCI proprietary technologies on quality resource.