From the undeveloped resource to refinery feedstock, the Value Creation Group adds value across the full value chain in oil sands development.

VCI owns one of the largest holdings of oil sands leases suitable for in-situ development owned by an independent Canadian company; its leases cover some 458.5 square miles. The company also owns proprietary upgrading technologies that are expected to provide the industry’s lowest cost upgrading of bitumen to refinery-ready light crudes. VCI is moving forward with its oil sands development on its wholly owned TriStar blocks, and has a joint venture with BP in developing the huge Terre de Grace block. The TriStar Project represents an innovative, synergistic integration of the Value Creation Group’s proprietary upgrading technologies with thermal bitumen recovery, leading to exceptional technical cost advantages and higher economic bitumen recovery.

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Merchant Crude Customization – Heartland (“MCC-H”)  

(Formerly known as BA Energy Heartland Upgrader)

The Merchant Crude Customization – Heartland (“MCC-H”) Project is located in the Alberta Industrial Heartland area of Strathcona County, northeast of Edmonton, Alberta. It has regulatory approvals for the construction and operation of a 260,000 barrel per day crude customization facility utilizing VCI’s proprietary crude transformation technologies: Accelerated De-Contamination (“ADCTM”) and Clean Oil Cracking (“COCTM”) processes.
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Terre de Grace
At 290.5 square miles, VCI’s Terre de Grace property northwest of Fort McMurray is one of the largest contiguous oil sands blocks suitable for in-situ development.
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Advanced TriStar (ATS) Project
ATS is a proposed multi-phase project that will integrate Value Creation’s innovative ADC™ bitumen processing and primary upgrading technology with SAGD.
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TriStar Amended Pilot, Demonstration of Excellence (DOEx) Project
The DOEx Project is located approximately 4 km east of Highway 63 and 10 km south-southeast of Fort McMurray, in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB).
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Clean Oil Refinery – Heartland (CORe-H) Project
Value Creation Inc. (“VCI”) is proposing to build and operate a new refinery, named Clean Oil Refinery – Heartland (“CORe-H”), to be located at NE ¼ Sec. 3- 56-21-W4M in the Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, Northeast of Edmonton in Strathcona County. It will be immediately adjacent to VCI’s existing Merchant Crude Customization Complex at Heartland (“MCC-H”, formerly “HUP” Project), and represents VCI’s commitment to continuing its full value chain development in the Industrial Heartland.