Merchant Crude Customization – Heartland (“MCC-H”) 

(Formerly known as BA Energy Heartland Upgrader)

The Merchant Crude Customization – Heartland (“MCC-H”) Project is located in the Alberta Industrial Heartland area of Strathcona County, northeast of Edmonton, Alberta. It has regulatory approvals for the construction and operation of a 260,000 barrel per day crude customization facility utilizing VCI’s proprietary crude transformation technologies: Accelerated De-Contamination (“ADCTM”) and Clean Oil Cracking (“COCTM”) processes.

VCI has deployed significant capital on the design, equipment, infra-structure, and initial preparations for MCC-H. Phase 1 construction can commence shortly after Project Sanction with the first ADCTM unit to be completed within 24 months.  

Strategically located at the pivotal oil sands transportation hub and having special mineral rights for salt cavern development, VCI will be able to provide Inventory and Blending Management (“I-BM”) services to better serve its customers with opportunities for crude oil Aggregation, Customization and Trading of Clean Oil (“ACTCO”) with access to North American refineries and Pacific Rim markets.