Clean Oil Refinery – Heartland (CORe-H)

Located at SW & SE 1/4 Sec. 10-56-21-W4M in the Alberta Industrial Heartland, Northeast of Edmonton in Strathcona County, Value Creation Inc. (“VCI”) is planning to replace one of the three phases of MCC-H, and in its place, add two phases of Clean Oil Refinery – Heartland (“CORe-H”), one for each remaining MCC-H phases, to further process the COLF product from MCC-H into high quality fuels and premium SCO.  CORe-H represents VCI’s commitment to continue its full value chain development in the Industrial Heartland.

CORe-H is a refinery that will provide a low-cost means of converting feedstock derived from bitumen into high value refined products in an environmentally responsible manner. CORe-H has a very simple process configuration, which is made possible by the unique feed characteristics derived from VCI’s proprietary Crude Customization Technologies.

CORe-H employs conventional refining processes. It consists of a single integrated hydro-process unit, besides standard auxiliary facilities, processing custom-designed crudes from VCI’s MCC-H facility. Natural gas will be used to manufacture hydrogen, which will then be used in the hydroprocess to produce high quality refined products with substantial volume gains. The main products from CORe-H are hydrotreated naphtha, premium quality diesel, and synthetic premium medium crude oil.

CORe-H will be developed in two phases, one for each remaining MCC-H phases.  In an alternative development scenario, the second phase of MCC-H/CORe-H could process the product from VCI’s integrated in-situ projects in the Athabasca Regional Complex.

Regulatory approval for the amendment was received on May 8, 2018 .  The project would unlock markets and de-bottleneck pipeline logistics , for the Oil sands Industry . VCI intends to expedite the project , once commercial agreements and full financing are in place.

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