Advanced TriStar (ATS) Project

ATS is a proposed multi-phase project that will integrate Value Creation’s innovative ADC™ bitumen processing and primary upgrading technology with SAGD. When fully built, ATS will produce 80,000 bb/d of asphaltene-free premium medium oil, COLF.  ATS will be developed in two phases.  Each phase will produce and upgrade 30kbpd of bitumen using VCI’s CSIR Technology, plus 30kbpd of merchant bitumen in the form of dilbit.

ATS is located in Sections 20-30, Township 89, Range 8, W4M with its central processing facility (CPF) approximately 10 km northeast of Fort McMurray Alberta. VCI filed an integrated application and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for regulatory approval on Sep. 21, 2012.

View Documents in Support of Regulatory Application:

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