Value Creation Group’s mission is: Clean Oil La-Fit – (COLF) : “ Transformation of Extra-Heavy-Hydrocarbons (inclusive of bitumens, extra-heavy-oils, residues, etc.) to Clean Oils/Crudes (best) Fitting majority of refineries globally (with their current processing facilities), at Lowest Costs, Sustainably”.

The company plans to develop its vast oil sands resources and, through synergistic integration with its breakthrough proprietary technology, build a dynamic, successful energy organization with robust, sustainable growth across the full oil sands value chain.

VCI is focused on high value-creation opportunities, capitalizing on timely techno-economic developments and leveraging its technology into opportunities for synergistic alliances.

Since its inception in 1999, VCI has consistently focused on the growth and delineation of its resource base, research and development of its proprietary technology, and the commercialization of its upgrading capabilities.